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Why Choose Us

We, the Outside Explorer is here to assure our clients to give the best companion to our clients. We have a strong management team which is always in service to clients. We have highly experienced and knowledgeable trek, travel and tour guides who can explain in detail about the culture, history, nature, religion, geography and way of life about any places. We help our guests choose from varied itineraries only those routes which allow them to soak up the atmosphere, visit ancient heritages, get up close with personal with pristine cultures and step inside to experience life as the “mountain people”. We go the extra mile to ensure that those who travel with us receive nothing less than the best service and feel a sense of comfort as they become a part of our family.

All Inclusive Trips

Outside explorers hiking & trekking tours allow guests to focus 100% on the hiking/trekking experience. We provide all gear, meals, transportation, professional guides, permits, fees and more!

Small Groups

Our hiking trips are always small group adventures, typically 4-12 people per trip. Join a personalized trekking vacation that prioritizes quality of experience above all else.

World-Class Destinations

Our trip diversity allows you to enjoy the world's inspiring landscapes in a variety of ways and at different times in your life, and we hope you'll sample them all!

Competent in all weather

We trek in all weather conditions, offering you a full range of trail experiences. We will plan and assess each route to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimal risk.

Professional team

Our qualified team offer a World Class service where your safety is paramount, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

A Perfect Combination

For most guests it’s a combination of some or all of these reasons that they join guided hiking /trekking tours and backpacking trips. Whatever your reason is, we’re ready to help you create the experience of a lifetime

Easy and Secure Booking

Pay 50% deposit and book your slots with easy payment options

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